Graceland Fruit Testimonial

Graceland Fruit, Inc. has successfully completed the execution of $30 + million expansion at the Forrester Road production facility. Juice extraction and concentration, wastewater treatment, and a new infusion and drying facility are the title projects executed over the last five years. Brave Controls and Engineering has been a key partner in achieving our expansion goals.

Throughout this historic growth period, project and construction management, process and utilities design, facilities and equipment design, along with automation integration services provided by Brave Controls and Engineering has helped us achieve our cost, quality and schedule targets. In addition, commitment and personal service throughout the Brave organization during the execution of these projects has served as additional testimony for Graceland Fruit, Inc.'s need to select a trusted professional design services partner. We look forward to future opportunities to continue this professional partnership.

- Doug Plumstead, Vice President - Operations

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